Will Michael P. Productions voice tag will be removed when I purchase a beat?

    Yes. All purchased beats will be sent without any voice tags!

What is your payment method?

    Michaelpproductions.de uses PayPal, it’s a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online – your financial details are never shared!

Is it safe and secure to buy beats on Michaelpproductions.de?

    Yes, all Michaelpproductions.de orders are processed directly through PayPal’s secure website. You never have to input your credit card information on our website!

When and how will I receive my purchased beat?

    Beat(s) are delivered within 24 hours via e-mail with a download link to your purchased beat(s)!

What is the download e-mail containing after I’ve made a purchase?

    Instant download links to your beat(s)
    License agreement

Will I receive an invoice after a purchase?

    You will receive an invoice in case you buy the exclusive rights of an instrumental.

Can I download a beat just for listening or freestyling?

    Yes, just click “Download Demo” and do your thing.

Does my license ever run out or expire?

    The licenses are not temporally limited. If you purchase non-exclusive rights the license is limited to the number of sales though.

Can I exchange a beat I purchased or receive a refund?

    Because our beats are considered digital goods, we do not offer refunds in order to prevent infringement and fraudulent orders. Some exceptions can be made with beat exchanges. If you ordered the wrong beat you must e-mail us immediately after your purchase and tell us which beat you meant to buy.

Will Michaelpproductions.de give, share or sell my e-mail address and personal contact information to anyone?

    No! Michaelpproductions.de respects your privacy and will not share, give, rent or sell the email address or personal contact information of our clients to any other party. Also, Michaelpproductions.de will only send information and email to customers who have expressively given us permission to do so.

Why can’t I purchase beat(s) on my mobile device?

    Due to the varieties of web browsers and firmwares it is possible that the website may not work correctly on some devices, but we provide the common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Fire Fox.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
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